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was an aspect of the sun god RA. Auf was a ram-headed god who wore the solar disc and traveled at night through the underworld waterways in order to reach the east in time for the new day; however he still had to fight off the creatures of the underworld. Demons and gods towed his boat along while Auf stood in the deck-house over which was coiled the serpent Mehen who warded the dangerous APEP the deification of darkness or chaos. The boat at night was crewed by the gods HA, SAA and WEPWAWET.

WHAT THIS MEANS TOYOU:So for us Auf represents that force that is busy during the darkest periods of life gettingeverything handled so that our day"Light" can rise and shine again. This means that even when we are lost and don't know how to get out of the fog, of IF there is anything beyond the fog, we have our team to fight off the demons within us that urge us to give
up and just drift and be led by the insane thinking of the ego.Auf helps us find that aspect  of ourself that is totally secure and feels in control and even has the energy (shakti-kundalini- snake-grace) to protect us when we really feel threatened by life and its situations. team Auf will help us find our crew to steer our boat. That crew is HA and the power of what we speak, SAA the wisdom keeper and WAPWAWET who opens the way for our wisdom and power to flow forth, Auf will remind us that which we really are is never in danger of destruction or death even in the darkest periods because of the allies we have inthe dense world of form. Auf gives us confidence in our destiny to "Rise and
Shine" when we choose our words and that which we speak with wisdom and conviction. Auf will also help us know what to speak that can powerfully clear a path through the darkness that has closed in.