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ATEN is the disk of the Sun. Also an aspect of Ra. Aten was the life- giving force of Light. He has an androgynous nature. All creation was thought to emanate from him and to exist within him. Most often Aten was depicted as rays of light extending from the sun's disk. To the ancient Khemitians, Aten was the all encompassing principle of creation itself and was both masculine and feminine. Although the name Aten was used for the visible disc of the Sun, in truth, Aten was the Khemitians name for the Absolute, the impersonal Principle behind all manifestation.

WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: The story of Aten is the story of our own identity. We  are not only one wave in the ocean. We are also the whole ocean. As a wave rises--- so will it assuredly fall back into the ocean. Aten helps us traverse the reality of wave/ocean n our manifestation. When we are confused by the maya of creation, he will come and soothe our brow. We are both the rays of the sun as well as the sun. We are the wave as well as the ocean. Aten represents the full flowering of our consciousness and will help you keep the faith and know that the wisdom of that consciousness can be accessed. Solar energy is fire energy. Fire energy is always transformative. Aten will definitely assist with your transformation processes.