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ASH was the ancient god of oases . Ash was often associated with SET, who was originally the god of the desert, and was seen as protector of the Sahara. Ash was usually depicted as a human whose head was one of the desert creatures. Deserts have a beauty all their own and are known to blossom forth in
beautiful colors on occasion . An oasis represents a fertile area within a dry desert.

WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: Through the energies of Ash, we are reminded that even when we are in a very "dry" period of our lives, there is a Presence that will make sure we find our way to the Oasis. It does not matter wether the "dry area" refers to health, prosperity, relationships, career, or spiritual advancement, Set is already way ahead and has a lush oasis or respite ready for is. We just need to be willing to keep moving forward and trusting that we are being watched over and will continue to be. Ash will certainly be your beacon guiding you out of "dryness" and on into the "lush" life.