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was the personification and goddess of the Nile river. Since the flooding of the Nile is what nourishes the fields, she gained her name, which means embracer, in the sense of the Nile embracing the fields. Her titles were similarly appropriate to this, including giver of life, nourisher of the fields, and she who shoots forth (in reference to the flooding). The fertility provided by the flooding of the Nile is
thought to be the foundation of the long stability of the Ancient Egyptian culture. Being the deification of the Nile herself also lead to the two tributaries of the Nile being considered the arms of Anuket. She became associated with the fast moving things to represent the river's flow, such as arrows and the gazelle, an antelope with a large presence at the banks of the Nile in this region. Thus in art, Anuket often was depicted as a gazelle, or with a gazelle's head, sometimes having a headdress of feathers.Ceremonially, when the Nile started its annual flood, the Festival of Anuket began. People threw coins, gold, jewelry, and precious gifts into the river, in thanks for the life-giving water and returning benefits derived from the wealth provided by her fertility to the goddess.

WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: Call uponAnuket to help you in not being too excessive mentally, emotionally, spiritual, and physically.She helps to slow things down and bring them into perspective. Anuket is particularly effective dealig with emotional overload.