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ANUBIS is known as the " guardian of the veil" ( of death). He also protects souls as they journey. He is also the patron of lost souls and orphans. Anubis is a very ancient god, The God of the Dead. He is also the Guardian of Sacred Esoteric Mysteries. He is often depicted as a man with a Jackal head.Anubis calls himself a "fierce protector". Anubis can help you free yourself from the negativity that can invade your life. He is not to be called idly. Death is a wondrous teacher. As it approaches, it can teach us about how to REALLY live. As we move through the veil of death, we discover there is no such thing as death. As we cross over, death can be the bearer of the gift of full realization of our enlightenment. Anubis is often depicted with black clothing or skin. This is a reflection of the association with death, darkness or the "dark night of the soul". We tend to grow up learning to fear the dark, the unknown, the future. In truth the color black is meant to be this velvety soft, nurturing energy such as that we come out of and thrive in, in the womb prior to birth.

WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: What Anubis is here to do is be our helper and teacher about all types of death. As we evolve, we go through many seeming death experiences while still in body. Each transformation/birth can seem very traumatic. Anubis will be the guardian and guide for the asking to soften the process. Anubis can be a powerful assistant and teacher about LIFE, DEATH and CHANGE. With Anubis as our guide, we will feel as protected as a babe. Sometimes we just feel estranged from everyone, like an orphan. Anubis will stand by us so we do not feel isolated and alone.