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Anhur is shown as a man with one or both arms raised. He wears four straight
feathers on his head and sometimes holds a spear. His name is interpreted as
'skybearer', or 'he who leads that which has gone away'. As a warrior, he
was called upon to dispatch both human and animal enemies in his chariot.
Although associated with war, he was also regarded as the creative power
of the sun. Sometimes he is shown holding a string by which he leads the
sun; this to recall the story that when Ra's eye meandered away it-- was
Anhur who went to fetch it back. Anhur was a generally benign god, warlike
in order to be helpful.

WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: If you arecalled upon to clean up somebody else’s mess, call for Anhur. He’s the man to get the job done when everyone else is forming a committee and getting organized to discuss what
has to be done.