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Amaunet is an ancient Egyptian Goddess of Air or Wind, whose name
means "She Who is Hidden", "The Invisible One" or "That Which is
Concealed". She is one of eight primeval Deities Who existed before the
beginning of the world, and who together made up the primordial ocean.
Amaunet's name is the feminine version of Amun's, but She seems to be at
least as old as He: Amun and Amaunet both represent the mysterious and
invisible hidden forces of nature, to give protection through their shadows;
implicit in the idea of a shadow is that things can be hidden there. She
sometimes holds a papyrus staff, which can symbolize both the primeval waters as well as
thriving new life, as the image of the papyrus-plant was used in hieroglyphs to write the
verb "to flourish".
WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: Amaunet brings forth the protective mother Goddess.
She helps keep things going and running smoothly. Since she likes to work in the shadows,
she would be most helpful to you if you just wanted to work behind the scenes on
various projects, maintaining anonymity. Simply put: she helps to get things done.