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SANDALPHON is the next quantum step in the Arkangel Project. It is a vial containing the vibrational expression of Sandalphon. It’s purpose is to help anchor the Metatron/Sandalphon energy into your consciousness. By doing so you are enabled to advance further in consciousness. The Hawkins scale of consciousness cannot measure Sandalphon... It is infinite. So having this vial on your person will be elevating your consciousness to a very high degree. This doesn’t mean that all your levels of being are at this level but it urges them to progress and “clean up their act”. When used in conjunction with either 4 Arkangels from our first set or second set of the Arkangel Project very powerful effects in healing and awareness can be achieved. From all indications to date, the energy which is being utilized can best be expressed as “liquid light”.So, like whose this Sandalphon?
I’m going to present some historical information regarding Metatron. It is not our intent that this is by any means the last word on Sandalphon. Our perceptions indicate that Sandalphon is another major key for the evolution of consciousness upon this world.
Sandalphon is referred to as the tall angel, twin brother of the angel Metatron, and, according to the poet Longfellow, the angel of glory and the angel of prayer. In Greek Sandalphon means "brother," and it is in this role that he is probably best known, for he is the spiritual sibling and close companion of Metatron.His brother is the archangel Metatron. on is an angel of music and musings who carries prayers to heaven.  They were once mortal men, the prophet Elijah and wise man Enoch.This affinity is based largely in the similarities of the two angels; just as Metatron is reputed to have once been the patriarch Enoch, Sandalphon is declared in legend to be the onetime Old Testament prophet Elijah. While said in some traditions to be in charge of the fourth, sixth, or even seventh heaven. As the angel of prayer he helps carry the prayers of the faithful into heaven, making of them a beautiful and delicate garland to decorate the head of the Lord.
He is instrumental in bringing about the differentiation of sex in the embryo--a good thing to bring to the attention of expectant mothers. His primary function is to act as a guide. If you need advice regarding communication with entities from elemental or planetary spheres, Sandalphon can help steer you in the right direction.Call upon Sandalphon for advice if you are confused about the direction your spiritual path is taking you.