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Shekinah means "presence of God" and relates to the feminine aspect of the Holy Trinity. It is the energy that sanctifies from within the dimension of matter. Shekinah is the visible manifestation of the divine presence. You see this Presence when you look at your reflection in a mirror. She is known as one of the emanations of God and the actual Presence of God. Among the Hebrews one of the traditional names of God is the Shekinah, and, interestingly, it is feminine. Many saw her as the mother or feminine aspect of God. In earlier times, God was seen as either dwelling in the clouds or in high places like mountains or very high hills. With the construction of the Ark of the Covenant, and then the construction of the Temple, a part of the Godhead came to dwell in the Ark and then in the Temple. This could not be the male God, the God of the Sky and of High Places. So Shekinah, formerly known as Asherah, a Goddess of Earth and Sea, came to dwell in the Ark of the Covenant and then in the Temple. Other terms referring to the Shekinah are "the glory" and "radiance", and she was the cloud by day and pillar of fire by night that led the Israelites through the Sinai wilderness. She is also closely related to the Sophia tradition ... Sophia (a Greek feminine noun) is the Wisdom aspect of God. Sophia Tradition. The Shekinah has become an interchangeable term with the Holy Spirit and is often pictured as a bird or dove. So the desire to know Shekinah leads to God- the God within as well as the God outside of self. Elements of Her remain in Mother Mary, who was perhaps Shekinah's incarnation.

So, what does this all mean?  Shekinah introduces the connection to the intuitive self, thereby promoting accelerated creativity on all levels. The vials also contain , the vibrational essences only  of both ORME Gold and ORME Ruthenium. In a sense this follows the Hermetic axiom: “As above, so below, as below, so above.” The above is the Gold ORME, working on your spiritual acceleration. The below is the Ruthenium, working on firing up that junk DNA at the cell level.