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Emmanuel is the 6th Arkangel of the Arkangel Project. The Name Emmanuel means “God is with us”. So, this thingy, rather Arkangel Emmanuel, represents a quantum leap in connecting you to whatever you believe the Divine to be. this represents both the Divine within as well as the Divine outwardly. Emmanuel is a vial of very high consciousness components, rating at approximately 100,000 on the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness (Avatars are at 700-900) This does indicate that you will have some house cleaning to do as you raise to this level of consciousness.Emmanuel contains the vibrational frequency of ORME Ruthenium, one of several ORME elements. Scientists have discovered that people already have ORME Iridium and Rhodium on the ends of their DNA strands. This enables for energy to travel at about 100 electrons per second through the DNA.. ORME Gold will replace the Rhodium in the DNA molecule and the electrons will then travel at 1100 electons per second. When ORME Ruthenium is introduced, it replaces the Iridium in the DNA and the current increases to 1,000,000 electrons per second. This creates a highly conductive path along the DNA axis, urging it to accelerate at a rapid rate.Because there is a signficant acceleration using Emmanuel, it is recommended to increase your water intake, generally drink about 1 quart of water per 50 pounds body weight. Also, rebalance your electrolytes, preferably using Dead Sea Salt or Himalayan(Tibetan) Salt. It would also be wise to increase your Trace Minerals. (Dead Sea Salt and Himalayan(Tibetan) are two excellent sources).Be prepared to increase some proteins/carbs for a few days as your body adjusts to this acceleration.

Please note: 
This product contains no physical Ruthenium.. It contains only an electronic signature of this substance. All work( and refereences here pertain to the spiritual (non-physical) body. ) The presence of increased Ruthenium, even in its vibrational equivalent, will accelerate intuitive perception, increase faster thought processing and speed up immune response throughout the body. It is also suspected that it turns on the junk DNA at the end of the DNA strands responsible for many important functions.

What’s this junk DNA?
In molecular biology, "junk" DNA is a collective label for the portions of the DNA sequence of a chromosome or genome for which no function has yet been identified. About 97% of the human genome has been designated as "junk" Some believe that this is an evolutionary artifact and serves no present-day purpose. and since it is not understood it is labeled as junk... But recent studies have suggested functions for certain portions of what has been called junk DNA. Some consider the "junk" label as misleading. Others consider this junk dna has been stored away for possible new uses, rather than being thrown out

So, like who is this Emmanuel?
Again, these are some opinions on the Arkangel Emmanuel:The Archangel Emmanuel is God's touching on earth, and he has come among us as Montezuma, Noah and George Cotzias, who had been in the process of unlocking the genome that governs aging. (one of the qualities attributed to Ruthenium?) Emmanuel is the Arkangel of atomic remolecularization,rearranging atoms, placing them in their optimal places where they will do the greatest good. At this level there is also some subtle connections to alchemical changes.

So, what does this mean?
The Emmanuel vial brings to you the ability to progress beyond your human dna abilities and awareness. In this realm, healings would take less time, increased clairvoyance and awareness would be other enhancements. Emmanuel permits greater and faster communication to the internal/external Divine. It is the next step toward complete optimization of human beings.