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The name literally means "Master, of God" is and is thought to serve as a messenger from God . He was also referred to as the "Left Hand of God". Most frequently he is considered as one of God's chief messengers. He was the Angel who  announced the birth of St. John the Baptizer,  the messenger Angel who announced to Mary that she would bear a Son who would be conceived of the Holy Spirit,  and the angel who buried Moses. Gabriel as been accredited as the angel who selects souls from heaven to be birthed into the material world and spends the nine months as the child is being developed informing the new person of what he or she will need to know on Earth, only to silence the child before birth by pressing his finger onto the child's lips, thus producing the cleft below a person's nose. .Gabriel is the angel of the moon who brings man the gift of hope. He is the spirit of truth and the prince of justice. He is the alchemy of psychism, intuition, and receptivity.Gabriel is the Governor of the West and the element of Water. Ruler of Monday, psychic gifts, intuition, visions, magick, clairvoyance, scrying, astral travel, herbal medicine, the cycles of women, and female aspects of men.  $44