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Lakshmi, also known as Shri, is personified as the goddess of fortune , wealth and the embodiment of loveliness, grace and charm. She grants both worldly prosperity as well as liberation from the cycle of life and death.She is also the associated with prosperity, divinity and purity,divine knowledge,happiness amongst family and friends, marriage, children, food, wealth, beauty and health, thus making her a very popular goddess. As the goddess of prosperity, she also bears the epithets Dharidranashini (destroyer of poverty) and Dharidradvamshini (one who opposes poverty).In these myths she appears as the embodiment of royal authority, as a being whose presence is essential for the effective wielding of royal power and the creation of royal prosperity. She suggests a perfection or state of refinement that transcends the material world. She is associated not only with the royal authority but with also spiritual authority, and she combines royal and priestly powers in her presence.

May that supreme Goddess Mahalakshmi Devi purify my heart and mind, that I may always perform noble, compassionate deeds, speak sweet truthful words to everyone, and ultimately achieve the supreme purpose of my life of merging in the golden light of highest divine consciousness. May there be peace in the hearts of all beings in all the realms.


Simply put,Lakshmi rocks... when this high energy consciousness is contacted and engaged, manifestation accelerates at a breathtaking pace.
Again, that which is brought into manifestation displaces earlier forms which are no longer serving you..