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About the Egyptian Arkangels


I would like to start out with a quote from Will Parfitt who is a registered Psychotherapist in the UK and has written several books .  This particular article is to be found on his website.  I will include the whole article at the end of the pamphlet along with his web site address .  This article is titled  EGYPTIAN DEITIES; BECOMING SOMETHING OTHER THAN NOTHING.


"There is a source of all creation, a something (or nothing) out  of which everything else arises.  It is impossible to name it, because as soon as you even try to name it, that isn't it any more.  So some ancient Egyptians decided to call it Atum, a good a name as any, especially as it means "the source".  They then described themselves as the children of Atum.  Their story is, quite naturally, ls  our story, for like the ancient Egyptians we are also the children of the source of all creation.  The story of our lives and interactions is the story of Atum getting to know itself through the lives of its creation.  We may not be ancient Egyptians yet in another sense, we have never been anything else.  The Creator and the Created is One in its endless becoming."

In the Ark Angel Project , this is much like re-assembling a jig saw puzzle.  Each of the Angels, masters, gods and goddesses represent aspects of "The One". Each is a way of attempting to put a description  on the unlimited aspects and qualities of  "The One".  Each helps re-assemble the aspects of your Self that have gotten shattered and fragmented  in your mind over life in a human form.  Each aspect is a part of you calling  you to delete the files that tend to make you act and think in ways that diminish your True  Self in your consciousness.  The project is about re-booting  the original programs that hold your Perfection  as the only Truth and possibility. For Westerners, a large part of  Egyptian mythology is hard to understand since it tended to change the function and titles of their  deities .This may seem odd, but when you think about it, this simply represents their attempt to understand these energies . Today we can also benefit from and often do put more human frameworks around spiritual qualities and energies so that we can feel they can relate to us and we to them.

A single identity such as Ra in Egypt was probably a "group energy focused through a physical human body in the location of Egypt.  This " group energy" would then also be able to focus through a number of physical forms simultaneously or in succession for the purpose of teaching and helping the consciousness at that time.While the goings on of the gods and goddesses seem much more dramatic than any soap opera of today--in truth, this is really the story of how  " The One" in form battles with the temptations of form and physicality to manifest what it truly is.  This is a story ( our story) of the back and forth struggles of transformation, personally and universally.

The name Egypt is based on a Greek word  Aegyptos.  Aegyptos is a contraction of the ancient term  Het-Ka -Ptah.  which literally means " The Place of the Projection of the God Ptah"  or " The Place Where the Projection  of Ptah manifested. Therefore the term Het-Ka-Ptah only referred to one site, the city that became the first capital of the so -called  dynastic period of ancient Egypt, not the whole country or civilization.  The ancients themselves referred to their "country" as KMT, which has been written  many different ways, one of which is Khemit.  The indigenous tradition tells us the civilization was Khemit, the people and language were both called Khemitian.The ancient Khemitians did not believe in a linear progression of civilization.  They believed in  stages or cycles that continuously go on repeating itself.  The cycle they called the Five Stages of the Sun. The Stages of the Sun according to the Khemitians  (Egyptians) is of great interest because Egypt/Khemit existed during the stage of Aten or the full flowering of consciousness.  The Age of Aten would have been the Golden Age.  Almost all people all over the earth were in the highest  state of consciousness of the senses, and advanced civilizations were all over the earth.  People in the Age of Aten considered themselves as part of The Whole, or unity.  This is very different from a hive mentality where individuality is discouraged.  During this age there was no need for language as communication happened telepathically .

Sound was used only in sacred ways to create a vibration in the temples and for healing. The ancient Khemitians were aware of the inter-connectiveness of all things, that the All was One and Many at the same time.The Egyptians/Khemitians lived also in the Stage of Amen/Amon.  After some cataclysmic events, the whole earth fell  in consciousness dramatically into this age of darkness.  So the ancient Khemitians are our neighbors.  We are now ending this Age and transitioning into the  Stage I or Birth of consciousness.

 Okay, now back to the Arkangels... the number 22....

Twenty two arkangels(Phase 2) showed up almost simultaneously this time and so let me say a few things about the number 22.  Yes it is a master number.The number 22 has specific reference to the activities of those people called out by God to perform specific missions, especially of the members of the priesthood; and it has special reference to the measurements of the tabernacle structure and its furnishings.  As the tabernacle or temple represents the framework wherein God communicates with man- whether it be via physical building structure, or the body of man as the temple housing God's Holy Spirit within- then may we be so bold as to consider that the use of number 22 in God's design of all things, may be a sign of God wanting to make communication with man?  Indeed if number 22 is a number of disorder, then sometimes it is through our misfortune and misadventure that God draws us closer to Him. Twenty two is the number of the Master Builder.  It stands for redemption and the new order.  These letters were held sacred and meaningful, as each one denotes a certain degree of illumination, leading toward the awakening of the Divine Love within.  Twenty-two is practical idealism combining with vision to put these ideal into practice.

Another term which is necessary to understand is the term  NETER.   Neter does not mean Deity or god or goddess.  Neter means a Divine Principle or Force of Nature.  It most likely refers to an aspect of consciousness.  The ancient Khemitian deities were actually Neters. One may wonder why the Neters were  often pictured with animal heads.  The ancient Khemitians realized that everything in nature was a reflection  of the Divine, that there is no separation  of the Divine and nature,  and that  certain animals exemplified the principles of the Neters.


Phase 2 is about the ancient, predynasitc Egyptians or Khemitian technologies. From these people came the basis for modern religion, writing, and more. The ancient forms of writing, which arose from the Khemitians, evolved into ancient Hebrew. So, Phase 1 being predominantly Hebrew in nature, fits well with its Phase 2 Egyptian sibling.

Phase 2 also pivots about Osiris or Wzr as the ancient pre-dynastic Egyptians called him. With this in mind, the following  information is now presented to you for your consideration. See how it rings on your own truth meter, if it doesn’t, wait a bit, things may change.The purpose of Phase 2 was always to construct the Ark of Uriel. Yet we kept running into information about Osiris. So the question arose:”Why call  it Uriel and then Osiris?”  Finally we came up with a means of fitting the puzzle pieces together. Osiris/Wzr and Uriel are the same entity. Uriel is his ascended form and Osiris/Wzr is his physical form.

From the mythic stories of Osiris we believe that he has traveled to and from ascendency several times. In fact, he may have been the first Light Being to descend into physical.(there were 12 in all) These descended Light beings represented 12 different genetic blueprints of perfect beings. Genetically they were represented with 22 pairs of genomes (complete set of genetic material in an organism). This explained why we we repeatedly received clusters of Arkangels information in sets of 22 and 44 over and over again. Based on this it appears that the vials are representative of a frequency which is identical to these 22/44 combinations at a genetic level.  Now, the Khemitian material was far more creative. The names of the  Phase 2 vials , 44 in all, represented the correct matching of the 22 pairs of genomes for Osiris. And when placed in the Ark of Uriel/Osiris a very unique energy field is generated. It has been our observation so far that this field has the potential for turning on what geneticists call junk dna. The combination of these 22 pairs of vials represents a genetic code which predates a time when there was a duality. There is also reference in the ancient predynastic tradition that connects Khemit (ancient Egypt) to the star Sirius. Did you know that if you spell the name Osiris backwards it spells SIRI O. Could this be referring to the base model, genetically speaking (#0) of a Sirius model. This might be a stretch, but I found the coincidence compelling.

WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: Each Neter (archetypal energy) was created to represent a different chromosome of Osiris' genetic makeup.  Each of these were to illustrate a different characteristic and aspect of life, being the lessons to be learned by humanity as they regained their God-self.  In all there were a total of 42+2 (44) archetypes, and together they represented the pathway and process of how to move up in consciousness.  As time passed it was found that the people were giving different names to the original 44.

In Phase 2 of the ArkAngel Project there are 44 vials/frequencies.  These are the frequencies which represent the re-assembly and pathway back to the 44 genotypes that was the make up of Osiris and the template for "Man Perfected".