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20: Pele

Arkangel Pele is the 20tht member of the Arkangel Project. It’s vial contains the energy essence of Arkangel Pele. On the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness it rates at 75,000. Again, remember that this doesn’t mean all of you is at this level, but is in the presence of this level of consciouness.

In Hawaiian mythology, Pele is a goddess of fire, lightning, dance, volcanoes and violence, a daughter of Haumea and Kane Milohai. She lives on K¥lauea.Her father exiled her(from her homeland, Honua-Mea in Tahiti) because of her bad temper,and a violent personality most recently for fighting with her elder water-goddess sisters(she has 7 sisters and 8 brothers) She sailed from Tahiti in a canoe guided by her shark-god brother, and was followed by her still-angry elder sister whose husband she seduced. Every time she landed on an island and created a new volcanic home, it was flooded out by her sister. Finally, the epic battle ended near Hana, Maui, where Pele was  torn apart by her sister. Legend says her bones still remain as a hill called Ka-iwi-o-Pele.

Upon death, she became a god and found a home in Kilauea, on Mauna Loa, on the Island of Hawaii. Pele is known for her violent temper, but also for her common visits among mortals. She is said to appear either as a tall, beautiful young woman or as a very old, ugly and frail woman. She is often accompanied by a white dog and typically tests people by asking if they have any food, drink and in more recent times, rides to another part of the island. Those who show kindness are rewarded and spared. Those who are cruel or disrespectful are punished by way of having their homes or crops destroyed. When enraged she may appear as a woman all aflame or as pure flame.

Pele also loves attending social dances, and is known for great jealousy and vengeance when she doesn't get her man. Stories of Pele encounters are common campfire tales. Her presence can be found around the K¥lauea Volcano and Halema?uma?u Crater in the form of Pele's tears (tear-shaped lava droplets), Pele's hair (babyfine golden strands of volcanic glass), and limu o Pele (thin sheets or flakes of volcanic glass).

Described as "She-Who-Shapes-The-Sacred-Land" in ancient Hawaiian chants, the volcano goddess, Pele, was passionate, volatile, and capricious. In modern times, Pele has become the most visible of all the old gods and goddesses. Dwelling in the craters of the Big Island's Kilauea Volcano, she has been sending ribbons of fiery lava down the mountainside and adding new land around the southeastern shore almost continuously since 1983.


To this day, tales of Pele's power and peculiarities continue. Whispered encounters with Pele include those of drivers who pick up an old woman dressed all in white accompanied by a little dog on roads in Kilauea National Park, only to look in the mirror to find the back seat empty. Pele's face has mysteriously appeared in photographs of fiery eruptions, and most people who live in the islands-whether Christian, Buddhist, Shinto, or other-speak respectfully of the ancient goddess. After all, she has destroyed more than 100 structures on the Big Island since 1983, and perhaps even more awesome than that, she has added more than 70 acres of land to the island's southeastern coastline.O WE ARE

So, what does this mean?

The Pele vial accelerates your ability to work through jealousy, impatience, you know, qualities of Pele... Because it is the root energy of fire, these issues are brought up to be burned away, permanently. It may also serve to keep that forest fire of kundalini energy in a balanced focused direction. Pele is a motivator of the highest magnitude.