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Never 360

NETER 360 is a stand alone item, a single vial, containing the the vibrational essence of 360 neters or 360 senses of man(as recorded in the ancient oral tradition of predynasitc Egypt).

What is a neter?
In the indigenous predynasitc Egyptian tradition... the term Neter is (also) translated as “sense”, as in our 5 senses., an aspect of consciousness. ... We have 360 senses, or Neters, within our innate
being, and 355 are dormant in most people at the current time. (source:Stephen Mehler, Land of Osiris). The energy of the Neters can be turned on and off, using Neter 360 so that one can experience them personally.R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz translated Neter to mean "principle or an attribute ofdivinity, an aspect of God," not the whole concept itself. The Greeks derived their word
"nature" from Neter, therefore receiving the teaching from the ancient Egyptians of there not being a separation of nature and the divine. The more we learn of these qualities (known as neteru), the closer we are getting to our divine origin. To give you some idea   as to scope and nature of neters I including an excerpt from Will Parfitt’s article relating to them. Keep in mind this just taps into the first 8 or so Neters, and that there are actually 360 of them. I have found when reviewing information from other sources to listen  to the words and messaging between the words and lines. Do that here. The message you will hear will ring true: There is a source of all creation, a something (or nothing) out of which everything else arises. It is impossible to name it, because as soon as you even try to name it, that isn't it any more. So some ancient Egyptians decided to call it Atum, as good a name as any, especially as it means 'the source'. They then described themselves as the children of Atum. Their story is, quite naturally, also our story, for like the ancient Egyptians we are also the children of the source of all creation. The story of our lives and interactions is the story of Atum getting to know itself through the lives of its creation. We may not be ancient Egyptians yet in another sense, we have never been anything else. The Creator andthe Created is One in its endless becoming.To know itself, Atum has to become something other than nothing. After all, if you are nothing (or next to nothing), it is pretty hard to relate to yourself, let alone to anyone or anything else. The first thing Atum is aware of (on a level that we can understand)is that it is moving along. Then, having moved along, Atum realizes that some thing has passed. This isthe first born child of Atum, the first born 'neter'. A neter is a bit like a god or goddess only more than that. A neter represents the spiritual essence and principles within all things. (our innate senses) All these neters are voices calling us to remember their existence within ourselves, offering a reminder that through understanding their significance we can understand our own significance. Through an understanding of the story of the neters, and an attempt at the practical application of its implications, the ancient Egyptians founded the greatest civilization of the ancient world, a civilization that lasted for many millennia. The implications of what such an understanding offers us at this time of worldwide change are immense. The first step is for us to realize every move we make is endowed with meaning, and clearly so, both individually and collectively. We then become able to hear the call of the neters and follow their guidance, to hear their resounding call to us to become something other than nothing.