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Arkangel : THE ONE

THE ONE is a vial which contains the vibration of the ONE, or Core Essence of Creation. It createsa defined awareness of that consciousness where one is aware that the whole is made of many parts yet the many parts of the whole are one. This is not a hive concept, but a very high level of awareness that ancients possessed and lost due to natural planetary cyles and necessary stages of human evolutionary
consciousness.There is a strong sense that you are both separate and one at the same time, hence the name, the One. By articulating this presence of the ONE, higher sustainable levels of consciousness are
moved to the foreground. The ONE was initially designed to work with the Ark of Uriel/Osiris. Placing it in one of two vacant holes in the Ra Chamber board. If you have an Ark of Uriel, place this vial in any Ra Chamber vial holder. As a stand alone item, carry it on your person for short periods of time.