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Arkangel 88-8

888823 Y Consciousness level
Okay all you rockers, let’s see what you’re made of!

Caution! This is an extreme energy product. 
This is a special “very hi end” package of 8 88-1 vials! It is specifically grouped together like this for use with our Arkangel Osiris. It seems that these puppies like to be placed in the slots on top of Osiris with the caps facing towards the center. At this level Arkangel Osiris is complete. Don’t get us wrong, Arkangel Osiris rocks all by itself, but this is the primo rocket fuel it really likes! The rating of these 8 is 823 Y ( that’s 823 with 24 zeros after it.). (Suggested uses:• Place one or more beside any water vessel to transform it.• Place upon Polaroid picture for sending it remotely to a subject • Place on gallon of water to transform to 823Y • Attach a finding on the vial and wear it about your neck, AFTER the break-in period.Please use discernment and don’t go ape and carry them all on your person at the beginning. Consider yourself warned here. When your vials are not in use keep them in their box. The box is designed to ensure an infinite energy integrity about the pieces. Be aware that these particular vials will provide you with accelerating your consciousness through all 88 levels of the Arkangels times 8 at the same time. This is why a break in period may be required for some people. Depending on each individual’s background you will adjust to this acceleration and may believe that nothing is happening. When this occurs, set the vial aside and go about your daily business. You maybe surprised what you might experience. For those of you who have just arrived to the “party”, here’s a review of what is contained within the 88-1 : (Remember to multiply this by 2 since you have the left and right spin Arkangels for each name!)