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Arkangel 8-8

As the Arkangel Project is evolving, more complex and higher consciousness-oriented configurations are being manifested. The 8-8 is one such manifestation. The 8-8 measures approximately 37.2T on the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness.
The 8-8 or “eighty eights” as we’ve nicknamed them, is a 5”x5” octagonal shaped piece of solid wood (usually cedar) with 8 of our 8-1 vials imbedded into it. In the center of the board is another hole which will accommodate the central vial of our Chrysalis.
The vials are sealed within the wood and are positioned to activate whatever is placed in the center hole. If you don’t have a Chrysalis you can place a crystal, etc. in or on top of the hole to fire it up.

So why 8?
This set of 8 Arkangels are referred to as the Threshold set. Threshold literally means: the magnitude or intensity that must be exceeded for a certain reaction, phenomenon, result, or condition to occur or be manifested. That is exactly what these 8 Arkangels do. The establish a level of consciousness that must be met for you to move forward. Consider it like raising the bar in pole vaulting. So if one 8 sets the required threshold then 8 8’s will push you through the threshold on your journey.
Since there are 8 of them this would be the equivalent of boosting you with 64 levels of consciousness simulltaneously.

Here are some suggested guidelines. As usual there are many other possibilities. Feel free to experiment.
• Place a glass of water on the plate to charge it to 37.2T. You can only store this water for 1-2 days at this charge. Then it will start discharging.
• Place Chrysalis in center hole and hold in your hand or beneath a chair or massage table.
• Place your favorite crystal, piece of jewelry etc. over the hole.
• To broadcast long distance, place a polaroid picture/hair sample
of your subject on top of the plate.
• This one is more advanced and will require some monitoring. If you have a Chrysalis and some 14-1’s, place one 14-1 beneath the Chrysalis(placing the cap in the hole). Place an 8-8 on top of the Chrysalis,passing the glass tube through its center. Place another 14-1 on top of the previous 8-8. Finally, place another 14-1 on top of the previous 8-8.
So you end up with a stack of 4 boards, 1 underneath and 3 on top of the Chrysalis in an alternating pattern (14-1,8-8,14-1,8-8). You can switch this around if you wish. This alternating patterning creates a type of orgone energy enhanced effect.
Okay, you’re clueless, just stack ‘em and have some fun. Any combination will do just fine. Just drink plenty of water and increase your minerals. Oh, if you don’t have a Chrysalis, just stack the boards anyway. The effect will be less it will work just fine.

This is just lovely, but what that heck do they do?
Keeping it really sweet and simple, a single 8-8 works on your chakras. Yeah, yeah, I know, there are only 7 chakras. But 8-8 works on the 7 and then the oversoul(#8) chakra, connecting them together for better performance. It’s like reloading and resetting your computer. Everything is returned to its original working order.
Why do you need this? You can do this on your own of course, but the 8-8’s get you moving on down the road. If there’s a chakra blockage, it will clear. The idea here is you want to expose yourself to the highest level of consciousness possible at all times so that, you will start raising your consciousness. Know that you will likely go through some form of purification or healing crisis physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Which one it is and how long it takes are determined by you. Remember, it’s your stuff.