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Arkangel 8-1

With the introduction of the next 8 Arkangels it stands to reason that some of you folks would want another “all in one” vial. Well here it is. The 8-1 includes only the Threshold Arkangels. Yes, you can use it with your 14-1(if you have it) to create a “22-1” effect. The 8-1 registers at approximately 236G on the Hawkin’s scale of consciousness. The 8-1 has a “filling in” effect when used. Since their creation, the Threshold Arkangels provide a floodgate of information which is helpful for reconnecting a lot of loose ends. Expect more realizations of how things are related and connected to each other. Again,be sure to hydrate yourself with healthy water and minerals.

BREAK-IN PERIOD; It is suggested that you wear/carry on person the vial for approx. 5 minutes the first day. Add 1 minute/day for next 30 days. At any time you can extend the wearing of the vial, just listen to your body.

The follwing Arkangels are in the 8-1. These are considered the THRESHOLD SERIES: (REFER TO DESCRIPTIONS FOR EACH ONE ON OUR SITE)

ARKANGEL #15 MELCHEZIDEK (Hawkins rating: 68M)

ARKANGEL #16 St. GERMAIN (Hawkins rating: 147T)

ARKANGEL #17 SHIVA (Hawkins rating: 273M)

ARKANGEL #18 GANESHA (Hawkins rating: 778K)


ARKANGEL #20 PELE (Hawkins rating: 125.5K)

ARKANGEL #21 DEGANAWIDA (Hawkins rating: 72K)

ARKANGEL #22 ZACHARIAH (Hawkins rating: 7.5622K)