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Arkangel 720- The Lost Harmonic

The 720 is a vial which contains the 720 vibration or the lost harmonic.  The Lost Harmonic is a vibrational rate which has not emerged upon this world since ancient tmes. It creates the consciousness of the present evolving paradigm, designated as an expanding sphere with its counterpart or anti-sphere. These two energy spheres of consciousness form a holographic 3-dimensional infinty loop. This brings full circle the eternal journey of the soul forming an infinte flowing gateway through time and space. This process is the reassembling of those particles of creation which were disconnected from our consciousness and have been laying dormant all these millennia awaiting the dawning of a new paradigm of consciousness. The 720 was initially designed to work with the Ark of Uriel/Osiris. Placing it in one of two vacant holes in the Ra Chamber board. As a stand alone item it can be used as an object of meditation or inner reflection. Allow time for the body to adjust to its higher vibratory energy pattten.