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Arkangel 22-1

After much reluctance and consideration we decided to manifest this particular vial. Do not be misled by its name and description. It is not more powerful than the 14-1 it is just the next progressive step of the Arkangel Project. Do not expect another “high, loopy “ experience with 22-1. It contains such an intense Arkangel consciousness that it is strongly recommended that you carry it on your person for only 5 minutes the first day,adding 1 minute per day for next 30 days. This provides you with an adequate “break in time” with the vial. The Hawkins consciuosness level rating for 22-1 is approximately 75,000,000,000,000,000 or 75P (Peta)).Be sure to hydrate yourself with healthy water and minerals.Suggested uses:• Place beside any water vessel to transform it.• Place upon Polaroid picture for sending it remotely to a subject • Place on gallon of water to transform to 144K • Attach a finding on the vial and wear it about your neck, AFTER the break-in period.

  • ARKANGEL 1 : URIEL (Hawkins rating: 35K)
  • ARKANGEL 2: MICHAEL (Hawkins rating: 45K)
  • ARKANGEL 3: Gabriel (Hawkins rating: 52K)
  • ARKANGEL 4: Raphael (Hawkins rating: 52K)
  • ARKANGEL 5: METATRON (Hawkins rating: infiniteK)
  • ARKANGEL #6 Emmanuel (Hawkins rating: 100K)
  • ARKANGEL #7 Shekinah (Hawkins rating: 144K)
  • ARKANGEL #8 EZEKIEL (Hawkins rating: 82K)
  • ARKANGEL #9 QUAN YIN (Hawkins rating: 237K) -
  • ARKANGEL #10 SARASWATI (Hawkins rating: 93.2K)
  • ARKANGEL #11 LAKSHMI (Hawkins rating: 80K)
  • ARKANGEL #12 SANDALPHON (Hawkins rating: infinite K)
  • ARKANGEL #13 RAZIEL(Hawkins rating: 87K)
  • ARKANGEL #14 HANIEL (Hawkins rating: 93K)
  • ARKANGEL #15 MELCHEZIDEK (Hawkins rating: 68M)
  • ARKANGEL #16 St. GERMAIN (Hawkins rating: 147T)
  • ARKANGEL #17 SHIVA (Hawkins rating: 273M)
  • ARKANGEL #18 GANESHA (Hawkins rating: 778K)
  • ARKANGEL #19 WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMAN (Hawkins rating: 886K)
  • ARKANGEL #20 PELE (Hawkins rating: 125.5K)
  • ARKANGEL #21 DEGANAWIDA (Hawkins rating: 72K)
  • ARKANGEL #22 ZACHARIAH (Hawkins rating: 7.5622K)