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88-1 is a single  vial BOTH the energy equivalents of 44-1 and 44-2 vials.  Since both energies are present, the Divine is in balance and the blue/green Caduceus coil flame. is thereby created. As a stand alone item it may be carried, for brief periods of time until you have grown accustomed to it. Or worn about the neck in a pouch, but again for brief periods of time. Expect your core energy to increase, this is a good thing. We recommend that you get used to this energy challenge  by working with the 44-1 and 44-2 vials for a while. Then graduate to the 88-1. Remember that you are experiencing 88 levels of Arkangel consciousness simultaneously and  that it is strongly recommended that you carry it on your person for only 3 minutes the first day,adding 1 minute per day for next 30 days. This provides you with an adequate “break in time” with the vial. The Hawkins consciousness level rating for 88-1 is approximately 4500  Z (Zetta) .Be sure to hydrate yourself with healthy water and minerals.