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It started in 2006...

It is called the Grand Arkangel Chamber

I was led to construct what has now evolved to be the Grand Arkangel Chamber after a Blue Light appeared and entered my head in 2006. This Light contained much wisdom from ancient & celestial sources for the evolution of humanity. It was a Gift.

The Grand Arkangel Chamber elevates mankind beyond the stresses of everyday life, creating a quantum bridge to the next level of evolution. Many people have had profound experiences in the Chamber since its inception. We are now at a point of being booked for the entire day wherever we go.

It is time to have the Chamber available to more  and more people. We are looking for sponsors across the country. It is no longer acceptable to limit the Grand Arkangel Chamber's accessibility, it is for Everyone.

Below is a diagram describing the key parts of the Grand Arkangel Chamber followed by Testimonials.
For further information you can also view our video at:


For more information/sponsorship details contact:
Rick Ferguson
Creator/Builder Grand Arkangel Chamber



All testimonials were taken immediately after a session
  • I felt the aches and pains in my body just going away. I felt focused. It didn’t feel like a 65 min session.
  • Pretty intense, at certain points I felt my whole body was vibrating. At certain points I felt like certain energies were flowing into certain parts of my brain.. like an injection. My hands were lighting up while on the crystals in the arms of the chair. Saw lights in my closed eyes. 
  • Saw a very clear violet light, otherwise I think I just disappeared.
  • A mixture of thoughts and images(mostly)- climbing up into blackness. Nothing terrifying.Thoughts of oneness and duality. Trying to achieve a balance between the two... its hard to describe.... trying to describe the image... very very very relaxing. I could feel the tension in my legs getting less and less... I felt like I was twitching a lot... 
  • Feeling the love that we have out there, being one with the Creator.. I feel great. 
  • The room got brighter... Colors(some blues extra sounds and tones in my right ear, almost like a male...
  • Very still and very steady... like something was moving inside.... The energy was very interesting because my hands were really heavy but the top of my head was lifting, tingling, going up my face and down my back. And so the energies were active.
  • I experienced a clearing in my chest & pains that would come and go- so I think there some clearing was happening there. A real sense of peace and relaxation. Visually I saw lots of purple swirling around. And I felt very present. I didn’t go off into “la la” (land) and was very aware of my surroundings- but very present in a peaceful way.
  • I felt like I was in the belly of the universe.
  • Lots of feeling of intense energy. Colors, messages,pressure in sacral area, third eye, crown and then it would move around.It seemed to spend a lot of time moving around my third eye.It felt expansive in that area like it was projecting. A lot of activity in the crown. It was hard to put into words because it was very fluid It was amazing, amazing. At first I felt sensations in my legs, my hands, then the top of my head & the back of my head.
  • All history comes together now. Past, present and future are being reborn. 
  • Everything that I need to do was brought to my attention and it is time to get started. Everything I need to do now has been laid before me and I felt the energy come up through my feet . I had specific areas of my body that were tingling and activated which tells me that I probably need to get some things checked out physically. Other than that it was about what I am supposed to do to move forward.
  • Just like when I do the Oneness Blessing. I see a lot of colors. 
  • Felt like whole chair was vibrating... in fact I still feel like I’m still vibrating. I could feel it going up my back.
  • It was a fantastic experience. Mind boggling. I really liked it. I can’t believe 30 min. went by so fast. 
  • Immediately I felt the heart expansion and that was primarily the thing throughout the whole thing. I the past I have always done my holotrophic breathing and I couldn’t do it at first. So I expanded that heart feeling throughout my whole body. And then, past about halfway through, the breathing came. When the breathing came it was like I was going out to space and I could see openings. So, in the past, when I go to the astral there’s this purple vortex I go through. But there were these vortexes that appeared and I went through at another point and I went through another point . There was about 3 or 4 of those, at least. And then the breath stopped and then I could hear the music toning down, which I was kind of glad because that meant I was “back”. There was a transition period that was like pale light/translucent after I came through those vortexes. This pale pinkish light stopped and then I was back.
  • I’m going to tell you it was pretty powerful, pretty powerful. Just a very deep relaxation but also felt that my heart expanded 20 times the size- I’m very hot right now, full of energy.There was just too much to say. There was just layers and layers and layers- multidimensional travel, experiences. In one moment I felt that my eyes were being downloaded with something. It reminded me of a tunnel or a download of something.
  • I smelled frankincense. It was a cool journey.
  • As soon as I sat in the chair I began to shake. I leaped up feet first, upside down, flying/ transported to some of my favorite places that I am consciously aware of. This place called Kalalal. It is a paradise for all people. And I get to live there. I went to this valley in Kawaii and many different ways I was there with the rocks, the water, the river. I was sailing. A beautiful angel was head to head with me showing his wings. And then taking me where he was showing me . I saw a lot of colors and connections at the very end I went back to this very sacred valley and began to broadcast love to all beings everywhere, starting with you all in this room to as far as I could dream. At some point my legs fell asleep, and I was okay with that for a long time wondering how that was taking away from the experience. So I moved them. Some parts of me were more relaxed than others. There’s no ground, very ethereal. I did connect with the heaven-earth and the white golden energy. It expanded and encapsulted ever deeper into the heart. I felt the back of me opening up too. Then my body knew what to do... whatever position it needed to be it was there. And there were times that angels were healing me in places I need that they know. At one time I was getting all the download like flash after flash after flash like they say when you walk through the white light. I was seeing all of these flashes.. of what I am to know when I live in Kalalal.So I was asking for that wisdom as the valley priestess out there. Yeah... thank you.
  • There was a wind - it actually started out that I was flying through a purple night sky. And it lightened up to where it was white flying over green mountain blue ocean. I went back and forth between that.Somewhere between that I felt a wind over my body. I felt thoughts of preoccupation during my experience being supported. In a temple by the sea and given wisdom.. from there I was in a tunnel that was purple alternating in yellow... a natural crevice in a rock or cave so I could see lighter shades of purple, red, orange. The tunnel/cave opened up to the forest then the beach and I could feel a presence with me for a long time, guiding me.The whole time my everyday thoughts were bouncing in and out. As time came an end, the presence guided me out of the experience releasing me back out to the non-pyramid world with love and peace and wisdom
  • I felt like some things were down on me, my spine,my body, my head - I had a headache, felt some pressure and it went. I was shown the stargate, like in the movie... so I went through and it was in ancient Egypt, Luxor and spent some time there. In between it felt like floating. It sounded like a big spaceship floating in space. Then I was in France, home of Joan of Arc. I went through the trial, I’m not Joan of Arc(I know that) - I was burned for being a witness I didn’t feel anything. Then I was happy to be with God in the end (that was towards the end).
  • As soon as I sat in the chair I was gone and far away. There was no delay time. Now I feel extremely dizzy but oncly in a good way.
  • Felt blissful, rush of beautiful thoughts. I had shameful thoughts come up(which is regular for me) and they just fell away.Had extraordinary connection with my breath. That was amazing. I was open to this experience completely and I feel it is still happening. Connecting with oneness.
  • I felt a thick strong connection to source energy. A warm colorful feeling of love coming through and into the top of my head and flowing through and filling up my entire body. The more time I spent sitting in the chair I the more deeper and more encompassing these feelings became.
  • I arrived for a session feeling tired, stressed and unfocused. During the session I experienced a sense of calm and well-being, as well as more mental clarity. This continued in the hours and days afterward.During a longer chair session I experienced a great deal of movement. My body physically moved and adjusted itself, similar to chiropractic adjustments. I also felt non-p
    hysical movement, like traveling from one state of being to another. I felt peaceful, more balanced, and gently energized.I believe I received what I most needed at the time of each session. Try it for yourself! 
  • I shook uncontrollably for 10 minutes after my first session. I cried. I had returned home to my place in the stars. I wanted to go back. My second session was different. I felt renewed confident and purposeful. I knew where I was going and wanted to get there fast!
  • I injured my shoulder (rotator cup?) during some exercise and was in a lot of pain. After a 10 min session 95% of the pain was gone. I was told to sit a little longer in the chamber. I sat for maybe another 10 minutes. When I got up all pain was gone and I had full rotation of my shoulder. Wow. This is amazing