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DI : Dodeca-Icosahedron (now there’s 2!)




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As 2012 keeps roaring on through, doing its thing, I have been wondering what can be done to help address the extraordinary buffet of energies the Universe and Mother Earth is serving us at this stellar feast. David Wilcock’s book: the Source Field Investigations has provided me with insights which I've been able to translate into workable geometric forms.

My intent is that this will help those interested in working with the Universal Forces to stay in clarity and integrity with themselves and their perception of reality. I’m going to try to wrap your head around this as easily as possible. It’s big and important so see if this makes sense.

  • COHERENCE  We live in Space- Time and this is a system driven by some type of blueprint. Communication with this blueprint is fundamentally done in geometrical shapes & relationships. Energy permeates this blueprint tapestry traveling up and down, left and right and swirling about, forming vortexes and energy hot spots all over the Earth and throughout the Universe. When this Energy comes together and works for the highest good it is collectively called Coherent Energy. Coherent Energy is benefcial and life sustaining. Whereas Incoherent energy (incoherence) cancels everything out. To create Coherent Energy is to create Coherence. Coherence can be achieved in different ways. Its positive effects have been proven to be quite amazing. Several years ago 7000 people achieved Coherence through worldwide meditaion. Global terrorist activity, war hostilities, murders, riots etc. virtually disappeared as if someone had turn on a switch. Interesting, yes? Achieving Coherence raises everyone’s level of consciousness. And, it is very important during 2012 because of extraordinary planetary alignments which are affecting everything from the Earth’s core all the way out to the fartheset reaches of space itself. If something is out of alignment it creates high levels of incoherence and can manifest from social and economic unrest to weather/earth changes...
  • THE CLUE  The first clue to our current energy smogasbord is this new icosahedron/dodecahedron polyhedra energy form. We are in a reality of Space Time (space is 3 dimensional, time is one dimensional) The geometrical image anchoring this reality is the Dodecahedron, found in the microclusters of water. When this form inverts itself you get the Icosahedron, and you are in Time Space(space is one dimensional, time is 3 dimensional). So what? The importance here is that these two geometries represent a relationship between these two realities. One flips into the other etc. This is the actual system that works in your pineal gland when you sleep at night or when you meditate. In other words it brings together reality and dream states into one.



#1      ID:


  • Icosahedron on the outside,Dodecahedron on the inside
  • I’ve constructed a brass form which contains both the icosahedron and dodecahedron in perfect symmetry to each other. The energy form is totally complete... balanced. And, creates a zone of coherence of 300’ the moment it is set up. Each day it expands at the rate of the Fibonacci Ratio ( 300‘, 600’, 900’,1500’, 2400’ etc. ) I didn’t think anything of it .... at first. The day after it was made I noticed a growing balancing effect on our home which is growing each successive day.
  • There is a very strong sense of clarity and energy stability which is increasing geometrically every day. This is what happens when energy is Coherent.
  • Level of awareness has increased and each successive day’s energy is exciting, prosperous and open to all possibilities. It’s as if the doors of this reality have been ripped off their hinges. 
  • By itself, the ID, very subtly at first, organizes the energy field. Be it in your home or office, the space is optimized on all energy levels. This has the impact of having a stronger sense of peace at home, easier workplace "vibes" and so forth. The subtly becomes more apparent as the days go by. Within a few days you become aware that this "effect" is not disappearing and is here to stay. That is a good thing.....very good indeed.
  • Place crystals,water,herbs, or yourself, etc. beside the form (or under it if you hang it) to charge them. It's not really necessary if the form is in the room it or nearby area...

#2     DI:


  • (Dodecahedron on the outside, Icosahedron on the inside )
  • This is an inversion of form #1. The external icosahedron "flips" its position from one side of the dodecahedron to the other. This is similar to what happens to the microstructure of water (called microclusters) when it moves from our reality (called SpaceTime) to a parallel reality (called TimeSpace)
  • It is also quite similar to what may happen in your pineal gland when you meditate or go astral traveling. Everything turns inside out. Time becomes 3D and Space is one dimensional. DI reflects this unique transposition perfectly.
  • DI has the effect of making everything appear to be connected in a "different way", almost surreal-like. Imagine you are flying about on a cloudlike craft where everything looks the same but has some added/different textures to it.
  • DI creates a very strong sense of community, showing you how everything is connected to each other.
  •  The ID is perfectly balanced for the Space/Time we live in. The missing component is its inverted equivalent in Time/Space. This is the DI. The DI perfectly balances the delicate loop/vortex/thread between SPACE/TIME:TIME/SPACE. This structural phenomenon is similar to what happens when the microclusters of quantum energy invert themselves forming a coherent energy connection between these 2 interfacing energy realms. One doesn't negate the other. Each enables a stable channel/pathway between them. ID develops a sense of foundation and acceleration and breaking through. DI forms a channel of communication to the source field itself.



  • ID-DI can be hung together to create an "array"
  • When both ID and DI are used together  you have a twisting twin vortex of energy. This is similar to the shape of DNA
  • Array can be used for "lighting up"energy pathways for DNA growth and expansion throughout the body
  • It helps maintain a stable and coherent light which expands through your home and neighborhood
  • Creates a point of attachment between parallel worlds (SpaceTime and TimeSpace)
  • Excellent energy tool for stabilizing the effects of Earth Changes, Planetary alignments of  2012.