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We have released to the general public our Golden Pyramids. The Golden Pyramid and Golden "Brass" Pyramid. Both are designed around the Golden Mean Ratio. This ratio is present in all living things: from the microcluster substructures of the atom to the composition and placement of the galaxy and solar system itself. Use of this relationship creates a high level of coherence and balanced energy. It appears to be the natural order of things. This form of clear, balanced energy (coherence) provides you with clarity of thought and release from fear based realities.The planetary alignments of 2012 indicate that this ratio is seeking to reset itself to restore balance and harmony on both the inner and outer planes..  This relationship embodied within the form of a pyramid uses this ratio with the  geometries of the Pyramide to tap into  the flow of energy coming from the core of the Earth. This forms an area of positive effect on human health and its energy structurerestoring balance to you and your environment. The steeper angle to the sides of the pyramid increases the focus of the energy inside, increasing its effectiveness.

We have used a single Golden Pyramid with astounding results. But that paled in comparison when more than one is used. Through the array we have set up at home , we have been experiencing the amazing qualities it passes on to the environment. Since May 20th the energies about our home and neighborhood have soared. A very strong sense of being led in a particular direction (home?) has entered into the equation. The energy in and around us is indescribable. This is quite different than before and it has fully supported all the other energy equipment we have around the house.  As a recap:

  • Several pyramids placed together increase this energy effect, increasing the working capacity of people close to them.
  • The pyramid creates a field around it that improves the human auracreating a beneficial nervous-emotional state, generating positive thoughts and moods, furthering the positive conduct of business.
  • Is a means of  individual health for a human being, creating a beneficial living energy-ecological environment.
  • A pyramid alongside you is a source of life and benefit in the broad sense of the word.
  • Pyramids have an external effect as well as an internal one: It stimulate a person’s nervous, endocrine, immune and energy systems
  • It can be a source of life and benefit in the broad sense of the word if placed beside you
  • Increases the efficacy of both dry and liquid medicines exposed in the pyramid
  • Increase the qualities of all kinds of creams, ointments, mineral waters, liquid extracts of medicinal herbs etc.