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This pyramid is made of BRASS TUBING  and is designed around the Golden Mean, and is present in all living things: from the microcluster substructures of the atom to the composition and placement of the galaxy and solar system itself. Use of this relationship creates a high level of coherence and balanced energy. It appears to be the natural order of things. This form of clear, balanced energy (coherence) provides you with clarity of thought and release from fear based realities.The planetary alignments of 2012 indicate that this ratio is seeking to reset itself to restore balance and harmony on both the inner and outer planes..  The Golden Brass Pyramid uses the Golden Mean and the geometries of the Pyramide to tap into  the flow of energy coming from the core of the Earth. This forms an area of positive effect on human health and its energy structurerestoring balance to you and your environment. The steeper angle to the sides of the pyramid increases the focus of the energy inside, increasing its effectiveness.

So, what's the difference between the Golden and Golden Brass Pyramids? Well, it's time to take PYRAMIDOLOGY 101. I'll keep this simple... After working with geometric forms for over 25 years(not quite as long as the pyramid builders) there seems to be two major schools of believe regarding pyramids:

  • School 1: Real Pyramids are "enclosed pyramids". Pyramids only work if they are solid and contain no metal. Since they generate energy and collect energy  this energy  can only be stored in an enclosed pyramid- like putting water into a glass. If a glass has a hole in it, it will leak. If a pyramid contains metal it will discharge this energy. So, this school believes that a good pyramid is a solid, enclosed one.
  • School 2: Metal frame pyramids are the way to go. Metal frame pyramids create similar effects to the enclosed pyramids but in a different manner. Perhaps it acts like a passive wave antenna. For example: if you strike a tuning fork, it makes a sound because it has been struck.  When the metal of the pyramid is "struck" by a sound wave, it still makes sound a sound, though very small in size. This vibrational sound resonates and is enhanced by the shape of the pyramid.  In this manner, a metal pyramid is always "on" making a pyramid sound and focusing it inside its form and into the surrounding area.

Which is best? I've used and built both types over the years. I use enclosed forms for some applications and metal for other applications. Is one better than the other? Decide for yourself. That's the fun of it. They both work. What is important is that this particular form is coming to the forefront RIGHT NOW and appears to be of significant importance during 2012. Major research has been showing that planetary alignments can and do create effects from the planet's core all the way out into the solar system and beyond, and the golden mean plays a key role in this grand design.


  • Several pyramids placed together increase this energy effect, increasing the working capacity of people close to them.
  • The pyramid creates a field around it that improves the human auracreating a beneficial nervous-emotional state, generating positive thoughts and moods, furthering the positive conduct of business.
  • Is a means of  individual health for a human being, creating a beneficial living energy-ecological environment.
  • A pyramid alongside you is a source of life and benefit in the broad sense of the word.
  • Pyramids have an external effect as well as an internal one: It stimulate a person’s nervous, endocrine, immune and energy systems
  • It can be a source of life and benefit in the broad sense of the word if placed beside you
  • Increases the efficacy of both dry and liquid medicines exposed in the pyramid
  • Increase the qualities of all kinds of creams, ointments, mineral waters, liquid extracts of medicinal herbs etc.


The Golden "Brass" Pyramid:

  • acts as a powerful cosmic antenna stimulating the evolution process of the world and in human consciousness.
  • is a replica of the energy makeup of human beings and of the universe.
  •  becomes a dynamo of cosmic energies handling many different energy levels
  • sets forth those dynamics to correct the internal human energy grid, which in turn activates the inner resources of the human psyche, increasing psychic potential.(raises consciousness)
  • positively stimulates both immune and nervous systems
PRICE: $40