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In the fall of 2006 I had an encounter with a very intense beam of blue light which imparted to me a great deal of Celestial/Divine knowledge. Its origins came beyond this timespace from what is revealed as "the Mystery" From this encounter I constructed small glass vials filled with a remolecularized water which were able to hold this knowledge. They were named Arkangels. The first 4 that were created were called Uriel, Michael, Gabriel and Raphiel. When these 4 vials are used together they create the energy of Metatron. As was explained to me after the encounter "using the first 4 vials places you on the event horizon of a black hole through which you may travel to any point in the Universe".

The Arkangel Project is the journey which unfolded from this encounter. It is beyond one's wildest dreams and imaginations. Its creations are living ancient artifacts from indigenous tribes/races of this planet and the stars.





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